Thursday, September 24, 2009

for starters…

I had this idea of automating my home for a long time now and finally I ordered first pieces to start playing with them. So it's great time to start blogging about it.

What I have in mind? Well... nothing mind-blowing. A while ago I discovered great way to put lots of sensors around apartment and connect them with wires so there won't be any need to demolish my apartment to hide all wires. It's 1-wire. When reading sensors from computer I don't need device with multiple I/O ports to read all sensors. I need 1-wire USB adapter DS9490R to read all sensors from 1 wire. First step would be to put temperature sensors to every room to measure room temperature and radiator temperate. After that it would be nice to have ability to regulate radiators automatically somehow. Also I have a cat now and I am thinking of some-kind of computer controlled cat feeder. Actually, I have lot's of ideas but let's start with the easiest parts and let's see, how things are working out.

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